Sunday, June 08, 2008

باز باران با ترانه

I can't open Blogspot from home to update, so I have to change my place. I've already changed my blog two times and the new one would be my forth blog!
I really like here and I prefer not to change my place anymore! Unlike what we think that the old blog would still be there, it won’t be! I’ll never pass here again and I’ll gradually forget all the emotions I’ve expressed here!

I really loved Sofiax!

Beside my own problems in updating from home, my readers can't put comments either!
I might move to Blogfa!
I might not even tell anyone where I’ll go so I could write whatever I like regardless to what kind of information I’m giving out!

Hala ta akhare emtehana tasmim khaham gereft!


اويس said...

يعني چه كه بيخبر ميخواهي وبلاگت رو عوض كني!
در هر صورت بايد "اويس" رو از اين قائده استثناش كني!
منتظرم ها...

Hossein said...

شبیه اسباب کشی و عوض کردن خونه میمونه. بعضی وقتها نمیتونی شاید هم نمیخوای که برگردی به خونه قبلی